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For the past few months, I’ve been struggling to fight off these ANNOYING MOLDS growing in my house.  In my shoes, in my walls, in my bathroom ceiling, and in my clothes, these molds are everywhere!  Sometimes after coming home from a weekend vacation, I can even smell them.  I’m practically tired of cleaning over and over again. And,  I think I did every practical money saving DIY tricks to eliminate these fungi!

Yes I do open my window and my door everyday, unfortunately I only have one of each in my pad.  I even sleep with my front door open (I leave the screen door LOCKED for sure).   I take quick showers and sweep the water off the bathroom floors. I don’t do my  stress relieving hot and steamy bath anymore =(.  I hang my wet towels near the front door.

My simple battle tools include:

  • 3 sets of fan for better ventilation (please don’t make me buy an exhaust fan, do I really need one?
  • baking soda, salt, vinegar… They can help but molds keep coming back.. I guess I should’ve used a cheap vodka instead of the vinegar. It would have been olfactory friendly too.
  • Dehumidifiers, do they really last up to a month only?  cost ranges from 75php-150php and I’m not planning to buy the electric ones, my electric bill is already on the budget.
  • Sansevieria Trifasciata.  It’s basically a plant that absorbs humid and moisture according to google. They’re cute, I just hope I have the green thumb to grow them. price check: 120php each
  • Charcoal, super cheap!! they not only absorb awful odors but I just found out they can be of help with the moisture in the house too.  Last longer than the commercial dehumidifiers. They are less absorbing but I can just stuff the corners of my house with these cheap stuff (quantity over quality?)

I practically did everything but these molds are really persistent.  But looking at the bright side, cleaning and minding my house all the time makes me feel like this could be my home.  At the end of the day Its still a cozy place.  It’s just that , Summer  why you take so long?

My ventilatorsMy ventilators

Plant from PowerplantPlant from Powerplant

Air sprays and commercialized dehumidifiersAir sprays and commercialized dehumidifiers