Once upon a time, in a modern day land, there lived a modern day Princess. And the princes come to visit her from all parts of the world bringing gifts and presents to please her.

One fine day,  the Prince of Persia offered her sweet words of promises”oh dear fair princess, how I long for you to live in my Palace, You deserve many servants at your feet. You’ll have fancy cars and wide screen tv, just be my queen and you’ll have my kingdom”.  The Princess was in awe and went with him but soon discovered that the sweet kingdom was like the House of Sweets from the story of Hansel and Gretel. She turned out to be the feast! Or more like, she was expected to prepare the feast, serve his Prince, listen to his senseless battles and watch him adore his modern day toys and modern day women from Kingdom Facebook.

The Princess grew weary and sad. She remembers the peasant back in her kingdom. He doesn’t have much gold, neither have a big palace, but he can make a home. He doesn’t offer sweet words and promises, he doesn’t even have a fancy cellphone. All he has is his worn out hands, plowing the fields of rich men and merchants.

The Princess hated the peasant for he loved her so. She said one day ” what right do you have to love me, you don’t even own much gold?”. The peasant extended his worn out hands and said “The strength of my hands shall serve you well”. The Princess knew he was sincere for she has grown wiser now, due to disappointments and sorrow. She thought to herself “why am I still suffering, I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings!” She turned to his Prince one day and asked “Question: tell me how you feel about this, try to control me boy you get dismissed. Pay my own fun oh and I pay my own bills, Always 50/50 in relationships”.

So the Prince was still playing the blaming game, but the princess have had enough. She sought her own happiness with the peasant who doesn’t have fancy cars. He must have known better not to entertain himself with  gadgets, toys, and sexy modern women coz he tought to himself “boy I must be really blessed to be taking care of a princess”.His hands made sure she got food to eat, brought her medicines and tuck her in when she’s sick.

She’s the modern day princess who saved herself from distress. She’s the modern day princess who doesn’t need  prince charming.