Its automatically perceived that once you go abroad, you have crossed the great line between Poverty and Financial relief. It’s  as if everybody recognizes your capability to reach a fortune because of your perseverance. Not all OFW-venturers have it smooth sailing though. At some point,  OFW (Overseas Filipino WORKERS) may have experienced several tough times in their lives abroad.  They may have gone through some rough roads along the way. Some may have not (fortunately) but the ones who came before them, their relatives maybe, surely did.

Being an OFW means:

  1. You have to pack your lunch everyday so you can save for a jollibee treat for your love ones back home.  LUNCH BOX
  2. Enduring the heartbreak when you watch the news back in your country and you realize how doomed your country is becoming, and you’re silently hoping for a silver lining.traffic
  3. Sacrificing your privacy so you could get a cheap place and save more, even if it means living in a worse place than how you did back home.boarding house 2BOARDING HOUSE
  4. Living within the minimum. Not investing on clothes, shoes and even giving up the convenience of owning an equipment, knowing you’re not permanent in the place anyway.BAG
  5. Swallowing your work load with gladness. Telling yourself that you can keep it up still for a few more tough days, because giving up and admitting you can’t go on any longer makes the work load even heavier. You have to keep going because you’re bounded by a serious contract.contract
  6. Bridging the time difference so you could talk to your love ones back home. Maintaining relationships as much as possible that will keep you inspired to pursue your goal.
  7. You are never at ease and you can never slacken about being yourself too much because you are afraid you might offend someone either a local, a workmate,  or a “kabayan” who’s willing to create problems for you against the law, or your work, or simply create problems. Jealousy is just around the corner for Filipinos (sadly).

But despite all the sacrifices and self restraints you’re doing, knowing that your family and love ones back home are proud and hoping, it makes it all worth it. You’d do it over and over again for their sake. I guess that’s what being an OFW really means and it’s not all bad. You gain friends along the way, with a little bit of sweet treats of traveling.