I realized the meaning of “second wind” just lately when I joined my running group. An athlete shared his struggles when he was making a comeback into running again after a long break. I haven’t been running for too long coz I enjoyed the lazy days of my youth but I could relate to his frustrations coz I was an aspiring virtuoso pianist when I was youger.

Funny coz I played piano to earn and get myself through college—-so I could get a proper salary after earning a degree—so I could afford to play piano the rest of my life. Well that was the plan, not until I realized its harder to cope up with muscle memory and finger flexibility now. I kinda knew this was going to happen, thats why I still chose to get a degree. It’s just painful to accept you’re losing what you love. But God wouldn’t just put this enthusiasm only to be like a bubble bursting in the air. So I might not be the pianist I am aiming to be, but hey I still play. That’s what matters. It’s what I love to do anyway.