I saw a post on facebook onetime about ideas creeping in when you decide to sleep.I for one am a slave to this phenomenon and I love entertaining ideas that I surrender to the thoughts no matter how late it is…And the more I welcome thoughts, more fresh ideas come in.

I need out-of-this-world ideas but I don’t want the cluttered mind so at one point, I resorted to online gaming, and named my character Clamdown (a word play/anagram for- guess what?😄). Its to remind me to just take things easy. I’m not supposed to make things complicated by over thinking, but then I found a way better option. Prayer is actually one of the best and proven ways to unclutter the mind. It encourages self realization, solution, discipline, and a gateway to miracles. I guess its okay to get busy with ideas at night but its not too bad to surrender to the creator of ideas himself.