It was May 2013 when I was aboard a flight going back to my home country when it started…. my fear of flying. I knew I had acrophobia from childhood days but I was fine when flying to KSA. It was when I was returning home that had me 9-hour-painstakingly crutched to my seat.

I had to fly again, and I’m here in Dubai yay! I had to endure the dry throat, the cold sweat, and the shortness of breath all 9 agonizing hours. I had to surrender. I couldn’t do anything as I was already inside that massive white aluminum vessel! I told myself if I survive this, I will survive the Arabian nights I will face, and I did survive A LOT!! (spoiler: I had a labor case, and more of that later) I keep on going back on this verse over and over and over comforting myself at times that if He wills it, I will win it.