One of the most fascinating thing I learned from my cinematography class was to not over-use transitions. I used to play around video editing that I’ll use every possible transition in the app available! I was like a mad fanatic, bloodsucking everything nice from the app. Flare here and there, bokeh all over, twisting transition,stars and post it on facebook. Apparently, that’s not how the pro’s do it.

I was humbled. How marvelous a skilled artist can turn something so simple into something beautiful. I thought I had a knack for simple things: simple wedding, simple living… I began to look deeper into what makes an artist craft so beautiful. And I realized its the simple details they consider more. Like how I wanted a confidante more than an expensive ring, or how I’d rather do conversation over a simple dish than a fine dining with facebook on my phone. Respect for artists who sees beauty in simplicity bliss.