My idle mind is swimming to the moments we spent together…We got close and you held my hand. I  want to linger some more on these saccharine thoughts of you.

Strangers pass by and I search the air for your perfume. I wished to catch your familiar scent somehow.Do you realize how you bring compressions in my chest? If you only knew how I hold my breath wishing to exhale in the rhythm of yours, my heart is unrest.

Like the flock of girls that writes their verve for you, can I just conform and join the flock too? I just needed to let this out somehow, it’s killing me. I’m so liking you, very obviously.

Can you just let me be fond of you? Just let me feed my thoughts of your arms and chest. I can only wish to touch you, from your shoulders to your face…Waiting for you to connect with me, I’m dying here, reach out for me. 20170324_161145.jpg