I woke up wondering about a peculiar dream this morning.  You were Peter Pan, I am Wendy, and we were flying. It’s amazing what happy thoughts can do, even if it’s just a dream I would love to fly away with you.

Have you heard of the story? Wendy falls in love soon after. Guess who? Peter Pan, no other. But they are just not meant for each other you see. He’s a free-spirited-mischievous pan, and she’s jealous of tiger lily.

I catch myself day dreaming too, you holding on to my hand. My thoughts fly away into some kind of magic moon. Somehow I know this is going nowhere. I guess I really have to wake up from this Neverland affair.

Someday, if the moon is still awake, and I’ll see a wink in his eye, let’s fly away together.  Let’s get away,  to the stars beyond the blue. There’s a Never Land waiting , where all  happy dreams come true. IMG-20170319-WA0009