When I was playing classical piano way back 10 years ago, I practiced everyday to the point of playing the piece with my eyes closed. I let the piece be a part of me. I internalized it that moving to the next measure would come out naturally. My emotions and the music become one when I used to play.6 years later I found myself working in a medical field where my emotions shouldn’t be a part of the routine. What I needed was more presence of mind and more talking! ” I apologize for auto piloting doc, I was caught up with the routine”, I was explaining to my supervisor. I discovered I had to play a different piece this time, one that requires me to have more focus. Witholding my confused emotions, I found the endpoint to what I do. The purpose is for them to have better vision. The music is for them, not for me this time. I will navigate them to see clearer, no auto pilot, but more presence of mind.