“I got lost, in your eyes…” Tiffany’s song playing in my head reminiscing of how I intentionally got lost this afternoon. Its actually one of the best things I like to do sometimes-heading to a place without googling it first, and instead, I ask friends for direction, letting me know they care. It somehow gives me a reason to connect with friends, people, and the City that I am in. I don’t get to do this often coz I’m often late (I don’t have time to get lost) but today, I indulged myself in this privilege.

Walking at the concrete streets of Al Qouz, I was blown away by the strong breeze as if telling me that summer will be here soon (reality:sand storm happening). I remeber how my friends and I got lost on our way to Fujairah, on our way to Jebel Hafeet. It turned out to be one of the best adventures I had in UAE so far. So now, the sun has set, but I still wonder… where to get lost this time?