Excited for the weekend, I already pictured myself wearing my otd before I went to bed the other night. I wished to pair my regular pearl earings that I oh so love with my otd. I was confident I’d find it where I last placed it but lo and behold this mornin it wasn’t there. You know how you would sacrifice your time, effort and energy searching for that missing pair when you have other pairs of earing to wear anyway, even at the cost of getting late? (ah the frustrations of being a woman sometimes!)

I was reminded today from the songs I sang earlier that “He would leave the 99 to search for the missing 1”. I had been that missing one. I’ve had days when I just wanted to get lost and away from the warm crowd of love and concern. I didn’t realize I still matter. The world could live without me, but somehow I was seeked and found and was given a purpose. I just hope I would live to that purpose. Just like a pearl earing, small and simple, but it’s definitely worth the seek for I’ll be a bit more shining shimmering splendid