Raised in a catholic school, keeping a diary is one of the pre requisites. We are obliged to record our homework, activities, teacher’s notes, then signed by parents (or so they think it was 😁) But I took an extra mile in my diary keeping not because I was a teachers pet but I wanted to remeber things. I want to remember how it feels to be young and how I was so full of love that I wrote so much! I wrote many things, like how I stole my crush’s diary and kept it for a week 😁 dreaming of a love story.

Then I met heartbreak and longingness that I had come to question why things happen. Is God just playing around my feelings? Now I am older, and I got bills to pay, I found an answer. He does not play with us nor is He just sitting on his throne doing nothing, ticking time away and watching. He is more greater than emotions, even greater than my best memories. And He knows things, he knows how I feel. The only difference is He writes a better story, better than a teenage diary.