“Counting down my arabian nights, I gaze up to the moon as if to tackle it face to face. I feel drowned from the agony of hundreds more nights like this. Remembering the cold misty breeze of my home town, the trees and the night crickets, the longingness for the future engulfed me whole. Like many other previous moonlit confrontations such as this, for a brief moment I would surrender home”— rewritten from my homesick moments 2 years ago.

I was never away from home this long. Yes I’ve been out of my mom’s nest since college days but I always return and slack off in my mom’s couch enjoying cable 📺 and jjampong noodles 🍜 with my brothers . I get weak at times, wanting to just go back and settle down. But I know God brought me here for a purpose. Not my will, but His be done. One more year before I go back to Dreamland!

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