Tired and frustrated, I started ranting about all the wrong things on my way home. You know that situation when you tried to make it all work (really put your back into it and not only just verbally say it) but still thingsss doesn’t go your way? It’s disheartening, and it’s like a series of unfortunate events. Suddenly everything is wrong! I believe in the saying:”If there’s a will there’s always a way” so most of the time failure is not an option for me (I was once a hard loser). I started nagging “All this hardwork for nothing!”

Thank God for good food, I woke up from my negativity instantly (or maybe just HuAngry). See this is what happens when I spend overtime at work without accomplishing anything. One thing I have learned the hard way is to just let go of things you can’t control and move on, for each day has enough troubles of its own. God will always bless hardwork. I’ve seen it before.