At the start of 2017, I already felt it. The pressure creeping up on me every night before I sleep. People are making a difference, my co-millenials are making a move.Teens discovering cure for cancer.Twenty-one year olds developing famous apps. Some young millionare’s retiring at age 30; even my baby brother is taking care of my family now! What am I, a mere mortal should do to make a mark in this world too?

I’m getting old and I’ve been busy living my life (oh it’s my birthday today!) Taking the roads to where I know I would be happy, but somehow, year after year this bothers me. So I thought maybe I should document things, I get old too and I don’t want to forget the journey. So I started this writing countdown (March 1-23) since 2016 to share a part of me to the friends I have gained over the years. I may not be some kind of a famous icon, but I am a friend who listens to your stories and I keep them. I have a treasure chest you see, a chest full of memories…