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Is the era of treasure hunting and cave adventures over?

In a small city where invasion of the Japanese and the Americans  occurred,  we grew up with stories of buried Yamashita Treasure, underground caves, urban ghost stories and more.

I’ve heard of a tunnel /cave in the hunted Mansion of the old Diplomat Hotel where locals where believed to have dogged it to escape the Japanese invasion in this Mountainous City. They say it exits to another province in the low lands (La Union). 20 Years later, without parental restrictions and improved structure (developed for tourist), I am now permitted to see one urban legend come to life, it is the Japanese Botanical Garden Underground Tunnel. So it’s not exactly the same story as what I’ve heard during my childhood days but the facts still sound as an adventure.

In the late 1970s, many Japanese tunnels were discovered in Baguio City and the one at the Botanical Garden has its entrance at the park and it exits into some three to four kilometers away. War history shows that the members of the Japanese Imperial Army especially those in the Far East led by General Tomoyuki Yamashita were so skilled in making tunnels for their shelter against the falling bombs from the Allied Forces, in fact there’s also one cave found in Davao City but it is believed that the one in Botanical Garden is bigger. The tunnel stretches to parts of Barangay Pacdal, Outlook Drive, and The Mansion in Romulo Drive. While the story of WWII isn’t an amusing one, we are thankful that it has ended and disputes are settled. For the adventure seekers, this is one archaic find. For me, it’s an imagination coming to life.

Music taken from the soundtrack of my favorite online game